The Key to Executive Job Hunting Today – Are You Being Found?

Any salesman will tell you it’s easier to sell the customer that walks in the door knowing what they want to purchase. There is continuing evidence that is the secret of a successful executive job hunt in today’s marketplace is that you be found, not that you find the job opportunity. In other words if HR managers in companies and recruiters have needs they are typically not putting up job postings. Posting a job will typically cause an overwhelming response; recruiters go looking for a talented person to fill the position. Will they find you? Will they know you are looking or available for a new position? Are you available for a change?

Here’s how you become the person they will find?

1. A pictures worth a 1000 words and content is still king. You need to create a presence, paint an accurate picture that highlights your results, expertise, experience, achievements, education and causes. Does your resume make you stand out from the crowd? Were the right key words use? Does your resume mask your age? How does your resume handle gaps in previous employment or current unemployment?

2. Create a personal platform. A personal site such as a website is a simple and cost-effective way to market. A “who is” website allows you to highlight your career and have a copy of your updated resume for download. Created correctly it lets recruiters and companies find you, and approach you about an open position. This is a good place for a blog or article about your favorite topic, hobby or area expertise. This method only works for entry-level or low-level jobs. An executive job seeker’s reputation could actual be hurt by this sort of website. Think of your demographic before you go to the trouble of creating your own personal site and brand. Executives, and those seeking C-level position should not pursue this marketing method.

3. Social Media is the latest craze. But use it carefully. Keep it very simple. Remember once it appears on the web it’s very hard to take down. A simple LinkedIn profile will best serve your needs, it’s a network designed for professionals. LinkedIn has become one of the new primary resources for the tech savvy search committees and recruiters. This means a good profile is crucial to a successful search. A well crafted profile will ensure that you can be easily found. Don’t use Facebook, or tweeting for personal and professional uses. It’s highly unlikely that an executive or someone seeking a c-level position will be “found” using this method. Social media marketing is not going to land you, your next $200,000 a year job.

4. Statistics show that most executive level jobs are filled through connections. Connect to your colleagues on LinkedIn, connect at events, connect at industry conferences and symposium, connect at networking event. In order to connect you have to put yourself out there everyday. Use your existing network, to let colleagues know you are seeking a new executive job.

Remember less than 5% of all jobs are at the executive level. At any given time only a small fraction of six figure jobs are available. The packaging, marketing and sales need to be perfect. It might be a little difficult in you are an unemployed executive to think of yourself as a commodity. Fortunately, there are Executive Marketing Experts that will help you develop the strategy, create the sales pitch, and develop the complete executive package so you can find your next job. The right team of experts can make your next job search faster and more effective, so you find your executive job match today.

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